Sunday, August 23, 2009

Problems I DON'T have

During my sabbatical year away from the farm, I spent quite a bit of time at a wonderful organic vegetable farm near Sorrento, British Columbia. We've kept in touch since then, and it's always encouraging to talk to someone who's facing the same challenges I am...challenges that non-farmers (and non-single farmers) just can't imagine.

But her incredibly scenic location, nestled in a fabulous mountain valley, has some down sides that my humble semi-urban location doesn't. This morning she sent me the following:

We are under evacuation notice because of the fire behind us. It went from about 65 acres to triple that as we watched last night. Was the best fireworks display I have seen in a while but so sad as all I could think about was the critters being terrified and trapped. This morning the smoke is heavy and I can feel it in my lungs. I don't feel in any danger and it is hard to imagine fire getting across our open fields so haven't packed anything but passport etc... Can't even think about the animals, have no way to load them and where would we take them?

Forest fires in the mountains are sort of the equivalent of our tornados--a part of life that touches many, on average, and does a great deal of damage when it does, but rarely knocks on your own door. Something that you keep a radio around for the emergency broadcasts, but generally go right on with daily life.

I called to find out more and to let her know I'd keep her in my prayers. She paused our conversation to listen to a radio update.

The fire is now 10 times larger than it started (in a magnificent dry thunderstorm last night), and has moved within just a few miles, right to the end of their road.

But she's a vegetable farmer. She's headed off to organize the harvest crew for the day's work, come what may.


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, this has been a BAD fire year for us here. Nothing too near me, but I really, really feel for those so affected like your friend. I just heard about the fire at your friend's location yesterday. I am sending her my thoughts.

Jan Miller said...

Glad to see you are back. I enjoy reading about your adventures and thoughts on/about the farm.
Also thankful you don't have the fire problem.