Monday, July 14, 2008

Things Are Hopping...

...This little guy, for one. A young man visiting the farm found it hopping through the grass in the front yard. Without my glasses handy, I couldn't get a good enough look to identify it, and I didn't want to detain it too long. Better to encourage youngsters to "catch and release". I suspect there are more of these around.
There are also MANY baby grasshoppers appearing around the place. The thought of them ALL, grown up, is a little frightening. I've seen heavy grasshopper years when the 'hoppers have eaten holes in vinyl window screens...paper signs and labels...the weathered layer of wood off a tool handle. So glad I did not live in the times of real locust swarms eating everything green in sight!

Speaking of locusts, I heard my first cicada of the season today. I guess it IS half-way to August, even if it is only in the mid-60's tonight. Strange cool weather, but I'm NOT complaining! The cool, wet weather may encourage grasshopper diseases.

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