Monday, July 7, 2008

Better Late than Never

It's taken a week to get this posted.

Also, we usually shear the llama at least several weeks earlier in the season. Usually we plan ahead. This year, Danny, the shearer, called the night before and asked if he could come the next morning...and it happened to be perfect timing.

A picture is worth a thousand words. First, "Why It Helps to be Tall when Shearing Llamas"--by reaching over and shearing the far side, if Freckleface kicks, Danny is mostly out of harms' way. Llamas can kick 360 degrees with their hind feet.

Second, "The Photog Gets Away With A Stupid Move"--a.k.a. "Why Danny Didn't Want to Be Kicked." "If this foot gets loose, it's like being hit by a jackhammer," he nonchalantly comments when I become so absorbed in getting the shot that I forget my own safety for a moment. Freckleface's claws have not been trimmed in a LONG time, and they are about the same size and shape as the claws on a common hammer.

Third and fourth, "Who the.....?" Several sheep reacted in similar manner to seeing Freckleface in his newly shorn state. It's a very different posture than the sheep take when checking each other out after shearing. Reminds me of the dogs' classic "snake in the grass" close can their curiousity get while their caution is as far away as possible?

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