Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter/Spring 2008 Events (tentative)

The first 60 folks we talked to at the Farmer's Market Holiday Sale this morning got the summary version of this tentative calendar in print. So here it is online, for those that didn't get the print version, and more details, for those who did.

Longtime farm friends will recognize many of these events as ones that have been held regularly for years. This year, we're just doing a little better at getting the word out (thanks to the marvels of modern technology) and doing them up a bit bigger...Good Lord willin' an' th' creek don't rise. Having the circle drive and a bunch more off-street parking, as well as a whole new barn, will really improve our ability to host events like these at the farm.

We'll do our best to get detailed information about each event posted here on the blog a week or so before each event, when possible. Some events are a bit spontaneous, like the Winter Wonder Walks--please call or e-mail a few days ahead to confirm.

All events are free; however, your purchases and/or voluntary contributions will help us to continue and expand our educational, recreational and spiritual programs. We want the farm to be accessible to everyone, but taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. all cost money.

Midnight in the Barn--Tuesday, Dec. 24, 11 p.m.- midnight. Informal reflection on the real meaning of Christmas, with the smell of hay and the quiet sound of sheep munching contentedly nearby. Hot drinks and snacks.

Bird Tree Day--Sunday, Dec. 30, 2-4 p.m. Every year, we make edible decorations for the fir tree in the front yard. Fueled by hot chocolate, of course!

Knit Nights–2nd and 4th Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. Gather in front of the wood stove to work on fiber projects, share skills, and visit. We've had requests for this from several of our fiber fiends(oops, I mean FRIENDS). There also seems to be interest in an earlier time for young folks with early bedtimes, so if we hear back from them we may add an afterschool kids' fiber day on a regular basis. This is my excuse to try to get myself sat down to do some knitting again.....

Winter Wonder Walk--Almost any Sunday with snow on the ground–call to inquire–then come visit the farm’s wilderness area and tall grass prairie at one of its most magical times! (This gives us a good excuse to take a break and walk with you--something we do far too seldom.)

Sheep Shearing Day--Saturday, Feb. 23, 10:00-noon? The shepherd's Christmas--we get to unwrap the sheep! This marks the start of the 2008 farming season.Watch the sheep get haircuts, and learn about wool. Having barns with roofs will really help us pull this together into a great event this year, after several years of always wondering whether the sheep will be dry enough. We're hoping to have fiber art demonstrations and product available for sale. Volunteer helpers are always welcome as we bundle, weigh, and label each fleece. Potluck lunch following at the farmhouse.

Lamb Viewing–Call to schedule during March and April. Want to see lambs being born? We’ll keep a list of people to call when it’s happening!

Egg Dying Sunday--March 16, 2-4 p.m. What better place to dye eggs than in our solar barn, where mess doesn’t matter? We’ll have regular and natural dyes–bring your own hard boiled eggs, and wear old clothes.

Easter Sunrise Service--March 23, 1/2 hour before sunrise. We gather in the parking area, walk in silence to the tabernacle on the pasture, and wait for the sun to rise. Contemplative Taize songs and scripture readings focus our thoughts as we meditate. Breakfast following at the farm.

Potato Planting Days–April
Farmer’s Market Opening Day–Mid-April.
Tomato Planting Days–May

Umpteenth Annual May Potluck and Jam Session, Sunday, May 18, 5-? "The Queen of the May" turns 50 this year--no black banners, please! To me this is a wonderful milestone & cause for jubilation! I'm only half my living grandmother's age, and I'm living my lifetime dream of having a small farm! This is just the beginning of many more joyful years!

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madeline said...

Hearing all of the events coming up makes me wish that the farm was close enough to get to quickly. Sorry to say that we can't get there before June or July but it's nice to read what you have been up to since we were there this past summer. Blessings of the season from your f/Friends from Calgary.