Monday, December 31, 2007

Bird Tree Day

What a fun afternoon! Four adults and four younger folk toured the farm, then diligently made decorations for the Bird Tree.

Type A: Sewing thread knotted in a loop through the corner hole of a stale soda cracker. Spread cracker with peanut butter, sprinkle with an assortment of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oatmeal, and colored Cream of Wheat. (To color CoW, put CoW in a small plastic bag, put in a drop of food coloring, and mix thoroughly. Keep in freezer from year to year. Millet (for cooking, from the natural food store) also colors well).

Type B: Popcorn (home grown by our neighbor Harry Cook, $2.50 a bag) strung on sewing thread, interspersed with dried cranberries and orange (actually clementine) peels.

Eating clementines, drinking hot chocolate, and snacking on broken popcorn are part of the whole process.

Several latecomers helped with the decorating of the tree.

When the tree was small, we had to protect the decorations from the dogs with a wire cage. Now that it's getting so tall, I wondered how to get the top decorated. Not a problem for the younger minds among us--they just flung strings of popcorn towards the top of the tree, and they caught neatly on the spreading branches, higher than we could have reached even with a ladder!

Yes, I took pictures. But with the new program that handles my pictures, Blogger doesn't understand that I've rotated the picture 90 degrees....Grrrr! Anyone out there want to volunteer as Pinwheel Farm's computer coach, and help me out?

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