Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Up a Tree with No Hands

A banner day for wildlife sightings!

This afternoon, I glanced at the big cedar tree by the dog pen, and did a double-take! There was one of "my" 5' black rat snakes, plastered onto the side of the tree! It was fascinating to get a close-up view of the dynamics of their climbing. In the second photo, you can see about 1/3 down from the head how he is flattening part of his side and lighter underbelly, and squeezing it into the slight crack under the bark. Wish I had a video, for this and the bees earlier.
P.S. The Border Collie in the background is Luna, Toss's daughter, who will be 3 in August.


Catlady said...

Wow!!! Your pictures and the stories to go with them are fantastic!!! I love the way you respect nature while carving out your share of it :)

BC hugs....

Wandering Coyote said...

Holy smokes! That is one huge snake!