Monday, May 25, 2009

May Flowers, courtesy of April Showers

My camera has been out of commission for a couple weeks, and I'm just getting going with a new one. Meanwhile, the garden is blooming!

Many of the blooms mean that the plants are bolting, which means they have traded in vegetative growth for reproduction, and in most cases that means the market crop is done. BUT many of the flowers are beautiful in the garden...edible in their own right, and eye catching on the market stand or in a salad...hosts for beneficial insects...and will produce seed that I can use for future plantings (or as a spice, in some cases like cilantro which produces coriander seed). What's not to like? There's arugula, overintered Bok Choy and Improved Siberian Kale, all varieties of radishes, tat soi, mizuna, cilantro, and peas.

And then there are the "weeds", in colorful (and in many cases edible) splendor. Dandelion, red clover, white clover, hairy vetch....

Now you can figure out which is which!

I dispair of ever figuring out how to actually LAY OUT a page of photos in Blogger, or put in captions. Sorry for the randomness.

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