Monday, December 29, 2008

A Farmer Joke

So, after the end of the busy growing season, the farmer does this huge house-cleaning, puts everything away, and fixes all the loose screws, worn weather stripping, dripping faucets, etc. The house looks great. Everything has a place, and is in its place, and works properly.

"There!" says the farmer. "All done! Now that I've finally gotten caught up with all the defered mainenance that I've been needing to do for the past few years, it will be easy to keep it looking this nice next growing season."

If that doesn't have you rolling on the floor with laughter, you probably aren't a farmer.

1 comment:

Catlady said...

Ok, I'm not a farmer, but I've been reading your blog long enough to appreciate the humour... :)

Hugs, BC and gentle ones; and best wishes that you at least come close to staying caught up, and have a prosperous and peaceful new year.

Love you.