Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching Up

Just a random shot of the barn at late-night barncheck, a week or so ago. Time is going by in a blur. Current lamb count is 20, from 11 ewes. Pretty good--though some unexpected singles. One lamb died...not a bad average, except it was an entirely preventable drowned in a stock tank. I should have realized lambs would play on the partially covered tank, fall in, and not be able to get out. Live and learn.

Today was my day to be snarly around the farm. NO ONE was home warning about that... no fire in the woodstove on a chilly, damp night. Really threw me off. Not sure HOW it could have made much difference if I'd known in advance, but it WOULD have. Expectations and all that. What if *I* just didn't come home one night??????? Would they just let the dogs pee on the floor and the bucket lambs starve?

When I got out to the barn I was able to calm down and focus a bit. It's increasingly becoming "home" while the house is just someplace I store my clothes and grab snacks. I feel like I just need to live out there these days. It's so nice, and there's so much to do. Tidying and organizing, fixing things, planning, building. Gradually things are falling into place...except that somehow there is never time for actually getting the crops in the ground. That's beginning to worry me a bit. Farmer's Market starts in 2 weeks, April 12.

How long can it POSSIBLY take to attach a 2 x 4 to a chain link panel, as a tool holder in the "tarp shed" that now serves the garden? About an hour, and at least 1/2 mile of walking, and hardware not matching up, and everything scattered among garage, galv. shed, and green barn.

Big milestone this week: The Douglas County Health Dept. approved our application to build a pit privy (outhouse). Talk about putting the cart before the horse: To do the inspection to get the permit, we had to go ahead and dig the 5' deep hole so that we could then drill a 4' deep test hole below that, to check for absence of groundwater. Because we dug by hand (M. loves to dig in my lovely soft soil) and OSHA says any pit with vertical walls has to be lined and the Health Dept. was going to come inspect...basically by the time they could do the inspection, everything up to grade was dug/built.

Now we just need to form up the concrete sill ring, floor and riser; mix concrete; pour concrete; build the building; do the finish work; etc.

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