Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bird Tree Update--New Year's Day

Yesterday--Day 1--I noticed a few juncos hopping around under the tree. I think they were picking up crumbs from the snow. They seemed to look at the dangling crackers with curiousity, unsure how to approach them.

This morning--Day 2--I watched while tending the morning fire and then an extensive dishwashing session. First came the juncos again. Then I saw two bluejays and a small gang of starlings, mostly hopping around just surveying the situation.

A little later, the starlings had it figured out. They dragged a strand of popcorn loose from the branch, and had it on the ground, where they went after it like chickens over a tasty morsel, or the Border Collies over a contested stick. Tugging, pulling, bullying one another--quite the greedy little hoodlums.

But the jays came back, and the juncos figured out strategic places from which they could reach the crackers when the wind blew. A pair of cardinals worked at popcorn strings still in place on the tree.

Meanwhile, the clemetine peels and popcorn made a bright scene in the shining day, and the crackers twirled merrily around in the wind that came up today.

Hours of enjoyment for the birds and for me. We thank all you diligent decorators who shared a fun afternoon on Sunday! Hope your New Year's Day was as full of delights as ours was!

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