Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catching Up

How can it be that more than a week has gone by without me sitting down to write?

Apparently at this point in my life, writing is something I do in lieu of face-to-face relationships with people. At other times in my life it has worked the other way, and I would have done well to keep a blog for sharing my stories rather than burdening some particular individual with them night after night.

At any rate, the blog has been a casualty of a new, and overall healthier, balance in my life. I'm spending more time eating: good. I have not withered to skin and bones as I often do this time of year. I'm getting enough sleep, which I really wasn't for a long time after my return to the farm. I'm getting up and outside earlier, and getting some farm work done mornings, as well as my days off. And when I get home, I spend time talking with Emily, Marie, and Ruhamah (the brothers avoid the social company of women). That means I'm not staying up so late writing.

But now I'm coming back to the keyboard, making room for it again. I think it remains important to chronicle the year of the farm. There are stories that need to be told broadly, as well as shared with the new community at the farm. Tonight I'll try to catch up on a few.

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