Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gentle Reader:

(I've always loved in old books where the author suddenly interrupts the tale to address the reader directly and personally)

Some of you comment, and I know that you are reading my blog.

Some of you send me private emails in response to my blog, and I know that you are reading my blog.

Some of you see me in person, and tell me you are reading my blog, and I know that you are reading my blog.

But there are MANY of you out there, I'm sure, that have done nothing to let me know you are reading it.

And more than any other writing I've done in my life, this writing is for an audience--which includes YOU!

Yes, it's very much for myself first--it really IS the only journal I'm keeping right now, which is something for someone who has almost always kept a private paper journal writing sometimes dozens of pages a day.

Second, it's for Mom and Dad, and if they were the only ones reading it, that would be enough. Our lives are all so busy it's hard to keep them in touch with the fascinating things that go on here (I've seen several LARGE Ichneumon wasps in the past few days, for instance--unfortunately none long enough to run for the camera. This morning's was about 2 " long, with a 3-4" ovipositor--Thorton Burgess's "Thallessa" reincarnated, for sure! I'm guessing they're attracted to the piles of wood chips I've gotten this year, or firewood that's lying around, since the only time I've seen them in the past was decades ago at 1030 Vattier where I had a path made of rounds chainsawed from dead trees.), that I know they'd enjoy. I know Mom and Dad would enjoy them because they taught me my own enjoyment of them when I was a child, and for that lifetime gift, I bless them.

I know Terry is vicariously experiencing the farm life she might have chosen for herself years ago, through my blog, and I'm glad to help her in that endeavor while she works a computer programming job. I'm sure someone has to do that, and I'm glad it's not me! You program, I'll farm! What other onerous jobs am I getting out of, Readers? What do you do while dreaming of farming as you read my blog?

I know several of my Canadian friends read it regularly to keep in touch with me across the thousands of miles between our lives, and I try to check out their blogs as much as I can given the slowness of my dial-up internet service. I hope to see them again, and then it will be easy to resume the friendships knowing something of our individual journeys in between.

But Blogger does not give me a reader count or any other information about you, so it's up to you to keep in touch. I'd like to know how many people are reading it...and in some cases I know that's more than a computer-based counter would show, since I know Mom is looking over Dad's shoulder and won't touch the computer herself for fear of zapping the hard drive with her personal magnetism or whatever it is (it's happened before).

I'd also like to know what you think, what mundane or profound questions it brings to your mind. Maybe they are questions I can answer. Or reflect on privately or in a blog entry. Or if personal we can connect outside this public format to discuss, by email or phone. Maybe there are types of posts you'd like to see more or fewer of...can't say I'll honor that, but it would be nice to know what people enjoy. Let me know what moves you, inspires you, turns you off.

But mostly, I'd just love to have an idea how many of you there are. Be anonymous if you like.

If, like my sister Ruth, you aren't sure HOW to comment, it's easy. At the bottom of each post there is a line at the bottom of each post that says "Posted by....comments". Just click on "comments" and the comment window will open up. It's pretty simple.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

--The Author


Robbie said...

Hey there...I check your blog every day. It is always a good read. While I entertain no notion of becoming a farmer, it certainly helps me be more aware of what farmers must go through in order to produce their wares for us. Thank you!

Catlady said...

I check every morning (well, when I'm not out at the cabin!) and read whatever new post you have. I love learning about farming, and I love reading about your life struggles - What do I do while pondering your wit and wisdom - well, you know my dream is to live on a farm - I'm getting a "reality check" that it isn't all romance and glory - there is hard work involved. While it may seem daunting at times, you make it clear that it is very do-able. One day at a time, one chore at a time.... :)

Anonymous said...

Mom, I check in every once in a while.

Natalya said...

Darling Daughter, I hoped you did...I thought you should have the story of the zebra in writing, for posterity. So this one's for you. Love you! Mom