Sunday, March 18, 2007


I set out this morning to drive across town and pick up some cabinets that were being thrown away, which I plan to use in renovating the on-farm retail area and the barn.

But first I had to drive out the other way to the feed store to get sheep mineral and oats before they closed for the weekend. On the way there (cell phones are a blessing!) a neighbor called about some used electric fencing she had for sale, which we'd talked about a long time ago and then played phone tag for a week more recently. "Strike while the iron's hot", so I said I'd stop by on the way back from the feed store.

In addition to the fencing, there were several other turned out to be a "garage sale by appointment." It took longer than expected, and the truck was pretty full, so I thought I'd swing by home, unload, and then go get the cabinets before work....

Around the corner, some folks were cleaning out their garage and there were some really great things in the trash pile on the street. We chatted for a minute, and I gained a coat tree, a kitchen table with 2 matching chairs, and some other useful odds and ends for refurnishing in my house after the sabbatical (I sold most of my household things when I left the farm in August 2004). She said, "That's a good ironing board, it just needs a cover, and a brand new stadium seat cushion..."; I replied "I don't have time to go to games or iron things" and she laughed. "I don't either, that's why they're in the trash pile!"

As I drove by another house, I noticed a long-time neighbor working on his car, so I pulled in his driveway for a few minutes to talk about the hay feeders we made a deal on last fall, but I hadn't ever been able to pick up due to not having a truck until just a few weeks ago. Then, by the way, I asked him about the new folks with four large dogs (potential threat to the sheep; I like to get to know the dogs and the people in the neighborhood before there's a problem) in his rental property, and he asked what I knew about the county inspector asking about another neighbor's dumping activities.

I unloaded the furniture at the front of the house, drove around to the shed and unloaded the farm stuff, and barely had time to make it to work. Fortunately, I've learned to prepare all my work stuff--uniform, required items, and snacks--first thing in the morning, in case I end up in a rush later.

Tonight after work, I decided I'd finally get around to painting the east bedroom, after eating a bit of supper.

While fixing supper I did a quick pass at cleaning the refrigerator, since I needed to go check all the livestock anyhow and there were a couple things to take to the chickens. Then I thought how nice it would be to eat supper on the new table instead of the old card table, so I brought it in and spent some time scrubbing off the paints spills. It turned out looking really nice, and just the right size. Along the way I also brought the nice new coat tree in and took out the rough-hewn one it replaced. The house is starting to feel like a home again.

Then as I cleaned up after supper I realized I needed to wash eggs, and also repackage the ones that were getting close to out dated so that I could donate them to a local meal program. So I did that.

And then there was just about enough time left to check email and write this.

The cabinets should be there tomorrow, and the room will get painted eventually. In God's time, not mine, as He daily strews my path with unexpected gifts and opportunities. Tomorrow will probably be similar: many plans, and much accomplished, but the accomplishments not necessarily related to the plans. Many of my days pass in this manner. I've grown comfortable with this mode of doing things, though I know it would drive some folks nuts. I've learned though years of experience to have faith in this process: that eventually, in their right time, the things that need to be done, will get done.

It's like the faith needed to trust that there really are roots growing from the seeds I planted earlier this week, even though I can't see the sprouts yet.

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